Why Inspect

A home inspection should be part of every real estate transaction

Why You Should Inspect

There are many reasons why you should inspect before you buy your home. 

Chief among them that it is just smart and it can save you a lot of hassles in the long run but here are the major ones:

Best Practice

Inspecting a home before purchasing it is a best practice to make sure you go into your purchase with your eyes wide open.

Save Money

Getting a Home Inspection can help you save money in the long run and avoid costly repairs from items hidden from the untrained eye. 


Our home inspections are focused on making sure the safety features of a home are present and functioning. 

Peace of Mind

Getting a home inspection, regardless if the results are good or bad, can give you peace of mind on your purchase. 

Why Inspect

Why are Home Inspections Important?

The purchase of a home in the San Francisco Bay Area can be one of the most important purchases that you make. Most of the homes in the Bay Area were built between the 1940s and 1980s. That means that the quality of the home you are buying depends greatly on how much the previous owners kept up with maintenance over the years.

We provide a wide array of home inspection services to help most hopeful homeowners get the information that they need before they buy. To find out more about what’s included in a home inspection entail you may want to take a look at our home inspections page or read more about each of our home inspection services to learn how they can be helpful to you.

What We Do

When we perform your home inspection we aim to provide you to have quality information about the property available to you before making a decision that means examining the home for faults that could prove costly down the road. A thorough home inspection can be the difference between an excellent purchase and a costly decision; you want to be sure that you leave no stone unturned during the process.

A professional home inspector can walk through your home and use his or her experience to uncover the home’s actual state and advise you on potential issues that could arise or help you plan renovations. Plumbing, electrical systems, insulation, design flaws, mold, termites, roofing issues, and much more are only some of the areas that we find on a regular basis and provide reports for. Our goal is to provide you with information that may help you in the negotiation process and give you peace of mind as you complete your real estate transaction.

Why Inspect
Why Inspect

What You Get

Once the house inspection has taken place, we will generate a detailed report that summarizes the major issues and then goes into detail about each issue in three categories: Informational, Objective Observations, and Safety Hazards. Each house is entirely different and might require certain investments to be made to be in top condition; our certified and experienced home inspectors can help you determine what those will be and when you might them to arise so you can plan ahead.

Home inspectors of the caliber that we employ here at Golden Gate Home Inspectors have a deep understanding of their work and how it affects each of our customers. We provide you with the type of inspections that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, and that will leave you with the peace of mind that you deserve. 

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Frequently asked questions about home inspections

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of a single family home inspection in the San Francisco Bay Area is $735 and $485 for a condominium inspection.


The final cost of a home inspection varies and depends on the total square footage and any other services added on such as a Termite Inspection. 

A home inspection looks at the homes HVAC system, interior plumbing and electrical systems, roof, attic, floors, windows and doors, foundation, basement and structural components.


The scope of a home inspection can be customized to your property i.e. single family home, condominium, or multi-family property.

Home inspections normally take about 1 hour per 1000 square feet. See below for average time frames: 


• 2.5 Hours for a Single Family Home Inspection

• 1 Hour for a Condominium Inspection

• 3 to 4 Hours for a Multi-Family Home Inspection

Scheduling is normally possible within 1 to 3 days from the time you call us. 


We have a team of inspectors so finding a time for you last minute is possible. 

Our inspection reports are usually delivered in 1 to 2 days after the inspection.


Same-day home inspection reports are possible at an additional fee of $75. 

No, we do not give prices for repairs on deficiencies that we identify. It is usually best to take the report to a licensed general contractor and get an estimate from a professional in your local area as prices vary greatly throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


We recommend working with your realtor or reaching out through your personal network to find the right home services professionals for your home.

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