Foundation Inspections

foundation inspections for single family homes

Foundation Inspections

Foundation inspections are an important part of home ownership in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is due to the fact that much of the housing stock is older and may have been constructed with different methods and techniques than modern foundations. 

This is in addition to the fact that the San Francisco Bay Area is prone to earthquakes. Most are small but we always want to be ready for the larger seismic events as well. All of this, including the varying soil substrates that homes have been built on provide for cracking of foundation walls, uplift of soils, and generally settling that occurs on all homes.

Our foundation inspections can help you get prepared and give you a better understanding of the current condition of your foundation. We look for cracks, separations, efflorescence, seismic retrofitting and many other items. We work hard to provide you with contextual understanding of the results and provide you with information on what to do next.

Foundation Inspections
Get a thorough and detailed foundation inspection

What's Included in a Foundation Inspection?


We perform a visual examination of the foundation, identifying the type of materials i.e. concrete, slab on grade, or brick and then we inspect it for any defects, signs of moisture intrusion, settling or cracking.

Floor Structure

Visual inspection of the floor structure, piers, and posts that the foundation and home rests on. We look for any signs of uplift, movement, ponding, rodents or other pests, or issue that could contribute to settling of the home.

Wall Structure

Here we perform a visual inspection of the wall structure, if visible, including the mudsill, cripple wall, top plates and rim joists for any deficiencies.

Ceiling Structure

Investigation of the crawlspace or basement ceiling where visible looking for signs of current or previous moisture intrusion from the homes plumbing system, signs of wood destroying pests, and any signs of movement or wood degradation.

Vapor Retarders

Vapor barriers are recommended on homes that don't have a conditioned basement or crawlspace. We look to see if it's present and if so, what is the state of its current condition.

Exterior Grounds

Visual examination of the exterior grounds, basic soil analysis, and lot drainage patterns that could negatively impact the foundation.

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Foundation Inspections
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Foundation Inspection Services

Foundation Inspections

Starting from $485

Our standard foundation inspection is detailed and thorough and provides you with details about the current condition of your foundation and structural underpinnings of your home. It is performed according to the standards set out by the governing bodies of the home inspection industry. This is a good place to start if you’re having any concerns about the state of your foundation.

Foundation Inspections with Elevation Survey

Starting from $1095

This inspection is performed by a licensed structural engineer and includes an interior elevation survey, full inspection of your homes foundation, structural elements, grounds and soil analysis. This inspection also comes with typical repair/remediation cost ranges and referral to foundation and drainage contractor resources. 


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