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How our home inspection services can help you?

Golden Gate Home Inspections provides home inspections services for homebuyers, sellers, realtors and homeowners. Our certified home inspectors are professional, knowledgeable and we offer a wide array of home inspection services that cover every aspect that you could need about a property on the market. We provide you with actionable intelligence to help you make informed decisions about your property. 

Our home inspection services include:
Home Inspections

Our full home inspections cover all elements of the home from the roof to the foundation. This includes all of the major systems of the home as well as the interior in a room-by-room inspection.

condo inspections

Our condo inspections cover all of the interior elements of a condominium unit as well as the common areas such as parking and storage spaces. Specialized condo inspections are available for smaller HOA’s or TIC buildings.


Our roof inspections cover the entire roofing installation and its subsystems. The roof inspection’s aim is to give you an accurate assessment of the condition of the roof, an approximate age of its components, and a general estimate of remaining life.


Our multi-unit inspections cover the entire structure of the building plus as many units as you want to be inspected. We examine the major systems of the building including the roof, exterior, and structural systems. This inspection is customizable to your needs.


Our commercial inspections enable investors and business owners to do their due diligence before signing long-term leases or purchasing a commercial property. Commercial inspections cover the building, its major systems, and general conditions.

Home Inspection Services

Why Choose Golden Gate for your Home Inspection?

Each home inspection service we provide is done with thorough attention to detail and is performed by highly skilled trained professionals certified by nationally and internationally recognized home inspection governing bodies such as InterNACHI and ASHI, or the State of California.

Our home inspection services help you uncover the home’s real value and direct you toward any defects that can prove costly in the long run. Your dream home should be everything you pictured and more. Our team of professionals is available to schedule any inspections you need six days a week, and they can also answer any questions you may have about the process. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our service and we look forward to showcasing what we are all about.

At Golden Gate Home Inspections we provide you with walkthroughs of your property that check up to 250 individual aspects of your home and provide you with a detailed report for your records. The reports are both digital/online and you can download a PDF for your records. We want to help you settle into your new home and believe that the purchase of a new home should be memorable for all the right reasons.

Frequently asked questions about home inspection services

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of a single family home inspection in the San Francisco Bay Area is $735 and $485 for a condominium inspection.


The final cost of a home inspection varies and depends on the total square footage and any other services added on such as a Termite Inspection. 

A home inspection looks at the homes HVAC system, interior plumbing and electrical systems, roof, attic, floors, windows and doors, foundation, basement and structural components.


The scope of a home inspection can be customized to your property i.e. single family home, condominium, or multi-family property.

Home inspections normally take about 1 hour per 1000 square feet. See below for average time frames: 


• 2.5 Hours for a Single Family Home Inspection

• 1 Hour for a Condominium Inspection

• 3 to 4 Hours for a Multi-Family Home Inspection

Scheduling is normally possible within 1 to 3 days from the time you call us. 


We have a team of inspectors so finding a time for you last minute is possible. 

Our inspection reports are usually delivered in 1 to 2 days after the inspection.


Same-day home inspection reports are possible at an additional fee of $75. 

No, we do not give prices for repairs on deficiencies that we identify. It is usually best to take the report to a licensed general contractor and get an estimate from a professional in your local area as prices vary greatly throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


We recommend working with your realtor or reaching out through your personal network to find the right home services professionals for your home.

Don’t see your question here? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

additional home inspection services we can provide

Additional Home Inspection Services

In addition to the standard home inspection services that we provide, we can help you with other types of specialized inspections such as inspections for mold, lead, or asbestos; foundation inspections, or other specialized individual system inspections. 


Whether you have an active issue or just want peace of mind, we can provide you with Environmental Inspections for Mold, Lead, and Asbestos. 

foundation inspections near you
Our foundation inspections can help you assess the current condition of your foundation and provide you with suggestions for how to stabilize your home.
Most new homes come with a 1 Year Warranty. Our 11-Month Warranty Inspections can provide you a punch-list of repairs that you can provide to your builder ahead of your 1 Year deadline.

Pre-drywall inspections cover the foundation, structural electrical, plumbing, HVAC and roofing systems. The best timing is once all of the systems have been installed and utility services connected.


What our Customers say

This is THE best experience I had with home inspectors during my entire career. Extremely professional, responsible, and knowledgeable, and friendly! They worked diligently to inform me and my client and make sure that we understood the entire process.

To start with, Chris was fantastic in getting me an appointment so quickly, during a period where inspections were in high demand. He not only did answer the phone after business hours, but he went beyond and above to accommodate.

Jake was the home inspector, and he was great to work with. He was very detailed in his inspection. The report came quickly, s]with such an easy to use, friendly interface and easy to understand. And to have them available to answer any questions we had, was a huge plus. Two thumbs up for Jake and Chris. I would 100% recommend it.
Home Inspection Services
Anesia Dias

Findings from the Field

Foundation Cracking

Foundation Cracking: Minor

Foundation cracking is normal in most homes. Sometimes the cracking is due to concrete shrinkage but sometimes it’s due to settling of the home or the lot itself. The cracks in this foundation would be considered minor and something to monitor over time. If this crack widens, then we would recommend contacting a structural engineer to evaluate the cause and propose suggestions for repair. If you’re concerned about the condition of your foundation, contact us to schedule a foundation inspection.

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rusted scupper

Rusted Scuppers can Lead to Moisture Intrusion

Rusted scuppers are a sign that the roof is in need of service. Rusted scuppers can allow moisture to go where it’s not intended. We recommend that all of the roof’s drainage elements be changed when you get a new roof.

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Home Inspection Services

Missing Ridge Shingles

Ridge shingles are the first layer of defense against moisture intrusion. In this example, you can see that roof shingles are missing which can lead to moisture intrusion into the attic and eventually the home. Getting a roof inspection can help locate issues such as these and help prevent costly damage to the home’s interior.

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