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How to Choose a Good Home Inspector: Save Money and Time

Choosing the right home inspector can save you money and time.  You want a job well done, and in this line of business, it matters more than anything. Home inspectors uncover lingering or dormant issues in the home that can prove to be costly in the long run, and therefore you want one with the experience to see it all. We will give you a few tips here to choose a great home inspector for your property.

A Team Effort

Yes, you are paying to have the home inspected, but it is your home after all. A great home inspector will insist that you are present throughout the inspection as he or she will point out issues that you need to see for yourself. The inspector will provide you with a thorough report at the end of the session, and by you being there you will be able to identify precisely what is being talked about in the paper.


Beyond just good reviews on websites like Yelp and Google, you want to be sure that you find a home inspector that is certified by nationally and internationally recognized home inspection governing bodies like ASHI and InterNACHI. The certifications will be indicative of the level of professionalism that the home inspector has and the experience to spot even the most dormant of future issues in a home. 

Additional Information and Services

A great home inspector will not only inspect the home and bid you farewell, but he or she will also take a look at the report and offer additional testing and inspection services that can help you further examine the home. Mold testing, termite testing, roof testing, and even environmental testing are all services that can be performed after the initial home inspection and that you should take advantage of.

Trained Professionals

At Golden Gate Home Inspections we take pride in our team of ASHI and InterNACHI certified home inspectors who have spent countless hours on the field and are always prepared to identify issues in a home to ensure both your safety and financial wellbeing. The right home inspector will save you lots of unwanted troubles and a lot of money down the road too. Call us today for a quote at (415) 418-3417 and discover why we are the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier home inspections firm. 

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