11-Month Warranty Inspections

home inspections for newly constructed homes

11-Month Warranty Inspections

11-Month Warranty Inspections are tailored for new construction home buyers that have been given a 1 year warranty by the home builder. Our inspections can help uncover hidden defects in the home-building process or new issues that have arisen during the first year of your home ownership. Our customers then use this report to have items fixed by the builder while the property is still under warranty. 

Issues in new homes are not uncommon. During the construction of a home there are thousands of decisions and many workers which can lead to mistakes. It’s commonly said that a home isn’t new until its about 2 years old which accounts for the repairing of defects during the construction process. So getting your home inspected within that first year is smart and prudent.

11-Month Warranty Inspections
Get thorough and detailed 11-month warranty inspections

What's Included in 11-Month Warranty Inspections?

Roof Inspection

Examination of the entire roofing system including the roofs coverings, flashings, drainage systems, skylights, chimneys, and roof penetrations.

Foundation Inspection

Visual examination of the foundation and structural elements of the home including inspection of the crawlspace and/or basement.

Exterior Inspection

Inspection of the exterior of the home including the siding, flashing and trims; walkways, patios and driveways; and the grounds and drainage of the property.

Electrical System Inspection

Visual inspection of the subpanel inside the unit, branch wiring circuits, breakers and/or fuses, and identification of panels capacity.

Plumbing System Inspection

Investigation of the homes plumbing system including water supply and drainage lines, gas supply lines, and water heater.

HVAC Inspection

Inspection of the homes heating and cooling systems assessing the general condition and proper functionality of the systems.

Interior Room-by-Room Inspection

Detailed inspection of the condo's interior assessing the general condition, testing electrical and plumbing functionality and looking for any issues related to moisture intrusion and structural movement.

Attic Inspection

Visual inspection of the attics structural elements, insulation, and general condition.

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11-Month Warranty Inspections
Choose the right 11-Month warranty inspections for your needs

11-Month Warranty Inspection Options

General Home Inspection
for Townhomes

Starting from $585

Our standard 11-Month warranty inspections are detailed, thorough and informative. This inspection is designed for new townhome construction where the roof and exterior is managed by an HOA. In this case, only the portions that the owner is responsible for will be inspected. 

General Home Inspection + Roof and Exterior

Starting from $735

This inspection is tailored for new construction, single family homes. This inspection includes an inspection of the roof and a detailed assessment of its subsystems including the coverings, flashings, drainage system, skylights, chimneys and other roof penetrations. We then continue to do a detailed inspection of the complete property to give you a full assessment of the homes true condition.


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